Les Carnets du Major Thompson/The French, They Are a Funny Race (1955)

Producers: Alain Poire, Paul Wagner. Director: Preston Sturges. Assistant Directors: Pierre Kast, Drancis Caillaud. Based upon the book The Notebooks of Major Thompson by Pierre Daninos. Screenplay: Preston Sturges. Photography: Maurice Barry, Christian Matras, Jean Lallier. Editor: Raymond Lanny. Art Director: Serge Pimenoff. Associates: Robert Andre, Robert Guisgand, Claude Moesehing. Sound: Jene Rieul. Musical Score: Georges Van Parys. Costumes: Suzanne Revillard (Pinoteau). Make-up: Jean-Jacques Chanteau, Alexandre S. Ranesky, Maguy Vernadet. Studio: Paris-Studios-Cinema Billancourt. Production: S.N.E. Gaumont-Paul Wagner. Distribution: Gaumont (France); Continental Distributing (U.S.A.). Release Date: December 1955 (France); May 1957 (U.S.A.) Running Time: 105 minutes (France); 82 minutes (U.S.A.).


Major Thompson   Jack Buchanan
Martine Thompson   Martine Carol
M. Taupin   Noel-Noel
Miss Ffyth   Totti Truman Taylor
Ursula   Catherine Boyl
M. Fusillard   Andre Luguet
Mile. Sylvette   Genevieve Brunet