College Swing (1937)

Associate Producer: Lewis Gensler. Director: Raoul Walsh. Assistant Director: Rollie Asher. Dance Director: LeRoy Prinz. Based upon an idea by Ted Lesser. Adaptation: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan. Screenplay: Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin (Uncredited: Preston Sturges). Photography: Victor Milner. Editor: LeRoy Stone. Art Director: Hans Dreier. Associate: Ernst Fegte. Sound: Harold Lewis, Howard Wilson. Musical Director: Boris Morros. Songs: "I Fall in Love with You Every Day," "What a Rhumba Does to Romance," "The Old School Bell," "You're a Natural" by Frank Loesser, Manning Sherwin. Songs: "Moments Like This," "How’dja Like to Love Me," "What Did Romeo Say to Juliet?" by Frank Loesser, Burton Lane. Song: "College Swing" by Frank Loesser, Hoagy Carmichael. Costumes: Edith Head. Make-up: Wally Westmore. Production and Distribution: Paramount. Release Date: April 1938. Running Time: 86 minutes.


George Jonas   George Burns
Gracie Alden   Gracie Allen
Mable   Martha Raye
Bud Brady   Bob Hope
Hubert Dash   Edward Everett Horton
Ginna Ashburn   Florence George
Ben Volt   Ben Blue
Betty   Betty Grable
Jackie   Jackie Coogan
Martin Bates   John Payne
Dean Sleet   Cecil Cunningham
Radio Announcer   Robert Cummings
Skinnay   Skinnay Ennis
Slate Brothers   Themselves
Prof. Yascha Koloski   Jerry Colonna
Prof. Jasper Chinn   Jerry Bergen
Grandpa Alden   Tully Marshall
Dr. Storm   Edward J. Le Saint

With Bob Mitchell and St. Brandan's Choristers