Hail the Conquering Hero (1943)

Producer and Director: Preston Sturges. Assistant Director: Harvey Foster. Screenplay: Preston Sturges. Photography: John F. Seitz. Editor: Stuart Gilmore. Art Director: Hans Dreier. Associate: Haldane Douglas. Set Decoration: Stephen Seymour. Sound: Wallace Nogle. Musical Direction: Sigmund Krumgold. Musical Score: Werner Heymann. Song: "Home to the Arms of Mother" by Preston Sturges. Make-up: Wally Westmore. Production and Distribution: Paramount. Release Date: August 1944. Running Time: 101 minutes.


Woodrow Truesmith   Eddie Bracken
Libby   Ella Raines
Sergeant   William Demarest
Forrest Nobel   Bill Edwards
Mayor Noble   Raymond Walburn
Corporal   Jimmy Dundee
Mrs. Truesmith   Georgia Caine
Political Boss   Al Bridge
Jonesy   James Damore
Bugsy   Freddie Steele
Bill   Stephen Gregory
Juke   Len Hendry
Mrs. Noble   Esther Howard
Libby's Aunt   Elizabeth Patterson
Judge Dennis   Jimmy Conlin
Reverend Upperman   Arthur Hoyt
Dr. Bissell   Harry Hayden
Chairman of Committee   Franklin Pangborn
Progressive Band Leader   Vic Potel
Mr. Schultz   Torben Meyer
Regular Band Leader   Jack Norton
Western Union Man   Chester Conklin
Officer   Robert Warwick
Conductor   Dewey Robinson
Porter   Charles Moore

With Julie Gibson and the Guardsmen