The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1946)

Producer and Director: Preston Sturges. Assistant Director: Barton Adams. Screenplay: Preston Sturges. Technical Director: Curtis Courant. Photography: Robert Pittack. Special Effects Photography: John P. Fulton. Editor: Thomas Neff. Art Director: Robert Usher. Set Decoration: Victor A. Gangelin. Film Clip: The Freshman (1925), Pathe. Sound: Fred Lau. Musical Score: Werner Heymann. Love Theme by Harry Rosenthal. Make-up: Ted Larsen (Uncredited: Wally Westmore). Studios: Goldwyn, Paramount. Production: California Pictures. Distribution: United Artists.


Release Date: February 1947. Running Time: 91 minutes.

Harold Diddlebock   Harold Lloyd
Miss Otis   Frances Ramsden
Wormy   Jimmy Conlin
E.J. Waggleberry   Raymond Walburn
Bartender   Edgar Kennedy
Manicurist   Arline Judge
Formfit Franklin   Franklin Pangborn
Banker   Rudy Vallee
Max   Lionel Stander
Barber   Torben Meyer
Harold's Sister   Margaret Hamilton
Circus Manager   Al Bridge
Mike   Frank Moran
Coachman   Robert Greig
Professor Potelle   Vic Potel
Bearded Lady   Georgia Caine
Banker   Robert Dudley
James Smoke   Jack Norton
Banker Blackston   Arthur Hoyt
Snake Charmer   Gladys Forrest
Doorman   Max Wagner

With Jackie, the lion 

Note: Howard Hughes had The Sin of Harold Diddlebock pulled from release before it could play either New York or Los Angeles. A re-edited version, titled Mad Wednesday, was finally released through RKO in January of 1950. The additional cutting was done by Stuart Gilmore under Hughes’ supervision. Added to the shortened climax were two shots of Robert Greig’s horse singing to himself. These shots were animated by Jerry Fairbanks Inc. Hughes cut Rudy Vallee from the film, although Vallee can be glimpsed in the bidding scene toward the end. The running time of Mad Wednesday is 72 minutes.