The Great McGinty (1940)

Associate Producer: Paul Jones. Director: Preston Sturges. Assistant Director: George Templeton. Screenplay: Preston Sturges. Photography: William Mellor. Editor: Hugh Bennett. Art Director: Hans Dreier. Associate: Earl Hedrick. Set Decoration: A.E. Freudeman. Sound: Earl Hyman, Richard Olson. Musical Score: Frederick Hollander. Costumes: Edith Head. Make-up: Wally Westmore. Production and Distribtion: Paramount. Release Date: August 1940. Running Time: 81 minutes.


Dan McGinty   Brian Donlevy
Catherine McGinty   Muriel Angelus
The Boss   Akim Tamiroff
George   Allyn Joslyn
The Politician   William Demarest
Thompson   Louis Jean Heydt
Louie   Harry Rosenthal
Mayor Tillinghast   Arthur Hoyt
Bessie   Libby Taylor
Mr. Maxwell   Thurston Hall
The Girl   Steffi Duna
Madame LaJolla   Esther Howard
Chauffeur   Frank Moran
Catherine’s Girl   Mary Thomas
Catherine’s Boy   Donnie Kerr
The Lookout   Jimmy Conlin
Benny Felgman   Dewey Robinson
Manicurist   Jean Phillips
Cop   Lee Shumway
Pappia   Pat West
Secretary   Byron Foulger
Dr. Jarvis   Richard Carle
McGinty’s Valet   Charles Moore
Policeman   Emory Parnell
Cook   Vic Potel
Watcher   Harry Hayden
Opposition Speaker   Robert Warwick

Note: A one-hour adaptation of Sturges’ screenplay was presented on NBC’s "Lux Video Theatre" on April 28, 1955. It featured Brian Donlevy, Thomas Gomez, and Jesse White.