Remember The Night (1939)

Producer: Mitchell Leisen (Uncredited: Albert Lewin). Director: Mitchell Leisen. Assistant Director: Hal Walker. Screenplay: Preston Sturges. Photography: Ted Tetzlaff. Editor: Doane Harrison. Art Director: Hans Dreier. Associate: Roland Anderson. Set Decoration: A.E. Freudeman. Sound: Earl Hayman, Walter Oberst. Musical Score: Frederick Hollander. Song: "Back Home in Indiana" by James F. Hanley, Ballard MacDonald. Song: "Easy Living" by Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin. Song: "A Perfect Day" by Carrie Jacobs Bond. Costumes: Edith Head. Make-up: Wally Westmore. Production and Distribution: Paramount. Release Date: January 1940. Running Time: 94 minutes.


Lee Leander   Barbara Stanwyck
John Sargent   Fred MacMurray
Mrs. Sargent   Beulah Bondi
Aunt Emma   Elizabeth Patterson
Frances X. O'Leary   Willard Roberston
Willie   Sterling Holloway
Judge (New York)   Charles Waldron
District Attorney   Paul Guilfoyle
Tom   Charley Arnt
Hank   John Wray
Mr. Emory   Thomas W. Ross
Rufus   Snowflake
"Fat" Mike   Tom Kennedy
Lee’s Mother   Georgia Caine
Mrs. Emory   Virginia Brissac
Judge (Rummage Sale)   Spencer Charters

Note: A one-hour adaptation of Sturges’ screenplay was presented on NBC’s "Lux Video Theatre" on May 5, 1955. It featured Jan Sterling and Dennis O’Keefe.