Vendetta (1946)

Producer: Howard Hughes (Uncredited: Preston Sturges). Director: Mel Ferrer (Uncredited: Max Ophuls, Preston Sturges, Stuart Heisler, Howard Hughes). Assistant Director: Edward Mull. Based upon the novel Colomba by Prosper Merimee. Adaptation: Peter O'Crotty. Screenplay: W.R. Bernett (Uncredited: Preston Sturges). Photography: Franz Planer, Al Gilks. Editor: Stuart Gilmore. Art Director: Robert Usher. Sound: William Fox, Vinton Vernon. Musical Direction: C. Bakaleinikoff. Musical Score: Roy Webb. Including selections from Tosca and La Boheme by Puccini, "Torna a Surriento" by Di Curtis. Aria from Tosca sung by Richard Tucker. Make-up: Norbert Miles. Studio: Samuel Goldwyn. Production: California Pictures/Hughes Productions. Distribution: RKO-Radio. Release Date: December 1950. Running Time: 84 minutes.


Colomba Della Rabbia   Faith Domergue
Orso Della Rabbia   George Dolenz
Lydia Nevil   Hillary Brooke
Sir Thomas Nevil   Nigel Bruce
Padrino   Donald Buka
Mayor Barracini   Joseph Calleia
Brando   Hugo Haas
Prefect   Robert Warwick