Vital Stats
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches - in socks
Weight: 190 to 210
Shirt Size: neck -17 ½ x sleeve - 34
Shoe Size: 10 ½
Briefs or Boxers: Boxers

Shampoo: running shower water
Shave: straight razor
After Shave: Sea Breeze
Bathrobes: patterned silk
Pajamas: cotton striped


Alcoholic Beverages (in general): 
Whitbred's Ale
Early Times Bourbon, in America
Scotch, in England
Courvoisier, in France

Cigarettes (about 4 packs a day)
Picayune, in America
Variable in England
Gauloise Bleu, in France

(as a boy)

  • Soccer
  • Bobsledding
  • Rowing

(as a man)

  • Sailing
  • Badminton
  • Ping-Pong
  • Pool

Estelle deWolfe Mudge, married 1923, divorced 1927
Eleanor Hutton, eloped 1930, annulled 1932
Louise Sargent Tevis, married 1938, divorced 1947
Anne Nagle (Sandy), married 1951 - 1959 (when his death did them part)

Children and Grandchildren
Solomon Sturges, born 1941, fathered Shannon in 1968
Preston Sturges, the younger, born 1953, fathered Preston McLain (known to the world as Mac) in 1990 and Kelly in 1992
Thomas Preston Sturges, born 1956, fathered Thomas in 1991 and Sam in 1997

Jack Kelley, born 2001 to Shannon and Michael Kelley
Ethan Kelley, born 2003 to Shannon and Michael Kelley

Island Belle
Simple Simon

Vocations and avocations
Stage director
Screen director
Songwriter, words and music

Eleven Rules For Box Office Appeal:

  1. A pretty girl is better than an ugly one.
  2. A leg is better than an arm.
  3. A bedroom is better than a living room.
  4. An arrival is better than a departure.
  5. A birth is better than a death.
  6. A chase is better than a chat.
  7. A dog is better than a landscape.
  8. A kitten is better than a dog.
  9. A baby is better than a kitten.
  10. A kiss is better than a baby.
  11. A pratfall is better than anything